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About TTLA


The Tobacco Trial Lawyers' Association is  a membership organization of trial attorneys and tobacco litigation specialists who wish to share resources and learn from members' litigation experiences with tobacco industry defendants. 

Founded in 1996 as the third wave of tobacco litigation was gaining momentum, TTLA's charter members all knew that it only made sense to work collaboratively to increase the opportunities for success when facing a court room foe flush with both tremendous resources and legal talent.

Litigation against tobacco manufacturers, despite rhetoric to the contrary, has not generally been kind to the plaintiffs' bar.  While a few firms were involved in very lucrative settlements as outside counsel to the states that litigated against the industry in the mid to late1990s, so far only a handful of plaintiffs' attorneys have seen tobacco industry defendants pay their fees. 


Still, an estimated 41% of trials against cigarette companies have resulted in a verdict for the plaintiff over the past dozen years and, in several cases, the verdicts were very substantial. 


If you are involved in tobacco litigation or considering adding this area to your practice, you should seriously consider becoming a member of TTLA. 

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